Using DIY tricks for face and body By Jene Swiss 

Since we all have pantries full of everyday food and groceries, it is unbelievably easy to transform all of that to something that is truly beneficial for your face and body. Just those little tricks are sufficient enough to feel rejuvenated, fresh or glowing all day long. Although prep time is slightly longer than using a regular store bought cream, but over the time, you will be able to see that is definitely worth the bother. It is understandable that we all suffer from different kinds of problems on a daily basis, although minor, these issues tend to disrupt that everyday peace and balance you need to have a fruitful and fulfilled day.

The best way and the easiest way to balance out your day is to turn to nature and all its products: fruits, vegetables, and oils. I am not talking about a diet or a meal plan, but only a quick and easy everyday spa at your house. You can always whip up few ingredients, and put it on your face, hair or body.


Coconut oil has multiple uses, because of its nutritional values, and you can use it for everything, including dry hair, cracked feet, bad looking or dry skin and so on…. the list is endless. Feel free to mix in any other kitchen ingredient with it, like honey, or multipurpose baking soda, and you get a face mask, or a face scrub. None of your pantry ingredients is invasive, and you can use it on a daily basis without fear of damaging your skin.

fbdb14209a679579f27308e1cde93302In combination with small kitchen tricks for better skin, my personal favorite for a toned body is also something you can do at home. You don’t need anything special, not even a store bought yoga mat because you can use a beach towel instead. All you need to do is stretching, just like you do every morning getting out of bed. That would be the easiest and the most natural way to feel relaxed and to relieve you of any minor back pain. If the back pain case is heavier you can always turn to Bozeman physical therapy for back pain.

Of course, turning to natural and DIY products isn’t always easy, but looking at a bigger picture enables you to at least consider it. Being healthier and more available to a common person, these DIY inspired solutions are a must. Even though some of them are not able to last for a long period of time, smaller amounts are easier to be made and used, so if some kind of cream or toner does not suit you, you won’t be throwing a lot, especially in money terms.

For most people, this kind of endearment is time-consuming, and for most is even challenging, but the feeling of doing something for yourself and by yourself, and investing minimal time, effort and money, must bring at least an ounce of self-fulfillment and joy to life.

DIY Exfoliating Scrubs for Beautiful Skin

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