Jene Swiss – 5 ways to embellish your personal space 

When you are done beautifying yourself with perfect make-up product and designer clothes, it is the time to embellish your personal space.

In order to make yourself feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself, you should not focus only on your physical appearance, you will have to work on your lady behavior as well as make your environment and your house beautiful to the eye. Coming home after a busy day to see a beautiful interior of your own house has the power to cheer you up and relax you.

Jene Swiss, blogger, make-up and fashion lover and an interior designer has a few tips for you on how to make your home the prettiest place ever.

Dining rooms are often neglected parts of your house, even if they are freshly designed they often include dining table and four set seating like that is mandatory. To freshen your home up and give your dining room a different and unique but still modern look you can make the dining table a place for your porcelain or glass collection. Porcelain does not have to be Chinese or expensive at all, what else, it can be common glass set. The pieces do not have to be from the same porcelain or glass set, the only requirement is that it all together looks great. Display your collection on your dining table, make sure you arrange your collection in an interesting and unforgettable way.


Interior curtains can be a great way to hide your mess wherever it was, the best possible place for it is your kitchen. Preparing your meals can leave your kitchen in a very big mess, a great way to hide it if you have visitors is just to pull up your curtains. The great thing about interior curtains is that it really is not an expensive investment and you can even do it yourself – all you will need is a piece of matching material and a little skill.

milkpaint2ndtbl-collageDo it yourself projects are the best if you do not have much money available but plenty of time and little skill. One more DIY project you can do to embellish your interior is painting. Painting the walls is easy and it does not require much thought or skill, however,  can be even better if you want to add a little fun to your home. Old furniture, table and seating that was not so expensive can look luxurious and stylish only by painting it in white. Great way to give your dining or living room a little make-over.

If you have an empty white wall, old repainted frames or plates are the best way to fill your wall and make your living room a little more interesting and pretty.

Old frames can give it a romantic and an antique but modern look, and the best of all is that you can also do it yourself. Old frames or set of inexpensive plates can be found on E-bay or Amazon for a small amount of money, but the look it will give to your home, it is priceless.

Re-decorate your room:

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